Load XML into Database

Load xml file into store procedure to insert into table. Sample xml file: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?> <FctTypes> <reportType>SSS</reportType> <tradingDate>01-Jun-2017</tradingDate> <period>1</period> <Details> <facilityType>AAA</facilityType> <grossInjection>111.11</grossInjection> <netInjection>222.22</netInjection> </Details> <Details> <facilityType>BBB</facilityType> <grossInjection>333.33</grossInjection> <netInjection>555.55</netInjection> </Details> <Details> <facilityType>CCC</facilityType> <grossInjection>122.11</grossInjection> <netInjection>244.22</netInjection> </Details> </FctTypes> <FctTypes> <reportType>SSS</reportType> <tradingDate>01-Jun-2017</tradingDate> <period>2</period> <Details> <facilityType>AAA</facilityType> <grossInjection>111.11</grossInjection> <netInjection>222.22</netInjection> </Details> <Details> <facilityType>BBB</facilityType> <grossInjection>333.33</grossInjection> <netInjection>555.55</netInjection> </Details> <Details> <facilityType>CCC</facilityType> <grossInjection>122.11</grossInjection> <netInjection>244.22</netInjection>... Continue Reading →


Authorization failure for Ajax request in MVC application

I encounter an ajax request authorization failure and causes bad user experience. I had click on a button which require ajax response in my ASP.net MVC application which already timout. Below is the way to handle it properly without getting any bugs. I have created a OnAuthorizationModule action filter to check on each action to determine... Continue Reading →

Responsive display: Inline-block

How to develop a responsive site which size can be adjusted while the display is still able to maintain its sequence and order, displaying a meaning page without running out of order? Basically just have to add an attribute in the style of the div tag will do. For the main div, add display:inline-block in style, while... Continue Reading →

Sending email through store procedure

Database email setup Double click 'Databse Mail' to start setup Create mail configuration select as below key in the profile name and click 'Add' key in email address and the server ip address add the SMTP email address and server ip address click 'Next' click 'Finish'   Store Procedure Parse in the profile to be... Continue Reading →

Selecting data from MySql in MSSQL

Setup Link Server right click to add new linked server. Fill in all the appropriate details accordingly. Follow the database name in mysql to be use as data source over here. Provider string: DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver};SERVER=ip address;PORT=port number;DATABASE=mt4_demo;USER=username;PASSWORD=password;Option=3 test connection and save it.   after setup To query the data from the table... Continue Reading →

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